The Red River Scramble is a Choose Your Adventure style rally in Eastern Kentucky during the fall base camp Lago Linda Hideaway near the Red River Gorge Choose. Your Adventure means it’s up to you how you enjoy the scramble stick to curvy paved roads right off-road at your desired skill level or set out to enjoy the many activities you can do in the area.

All bikes are invited. However, it’s called the Red River scramble. You do not need to have a Scrambler or some Dual Sport. All motorcycles are welcome. And although it’s become very orange dominated. That’s KTM. All brands are welcome for those who need to become more familiar, from Harleys to Hondas triumphs to BMWs. This is the place for motorcycling enthusiasts who love all things.

If it’s got two wheels, bring it, it’s fantastic.

People are great.

This is one of those events where you can come by yourself but leave with new friends every year on top of getting to see old friends. We always leave with new friends. The Red River Scramble Community is fun and helpful need to borrow a tool or help fix something you broke. You won’t have any issues finding someone willing to help.

One year I had issues with my battery terminals, and I borrowed a vault meter from one gentleman and later came across Bryce, who used to be a mechanic and was able to diagnose and fix the issue.

It’s the past year, Merrick Barta’s jump pack, when his battery was dipping too low to start his dr650.

The area has it.

all red River

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dream area for the off-road enthusiast

Climbers come far and wide to take advantage of Rich rock climbing. In addition, the area has hikers who will find plenty of trails or activities like underground kayaking and zip lining to quench your thirst for Adventure.

plenty of great restaurants in the area

For early birds, the rally starts Thursday with lunch at Miguel’s.

You will find good pizza, a cold soda from Ale 8, and good company here.

Lacabana is there if you’re craving Mexican food and a Tecate, and we’ve heard the Red River Rock House is good. We’ll try it next year. I feel confident. No, I feel confident.

Learn something new last year, the Red River scramble heavy Enduro taught an off-road class on Friday, and they’re also was a motorcycle trivia game that night in previous years. In addition, Drew has taught a clinic on changing your tires.

But you’re bound to learn something even by just showing up and riding with others.

Whether how to fix something or insight into taking better lines.

Or I am learning A New Perspective.

family-owned Campground

The Red River scramble and the Laga Linda Campground have grown with it every year. They love the Red River scramble and go above and beyond every year to ensure everyone has a great time.

They make food for a reasonable price if you don’t feel like cooking your own and plenty of beer to purchase after a hard day of riding.

They even had a band on Saturday night playing live music.

Regarding accommodations, they have campsites with power-overflowing camping when that runs out and cabins if you’re lucky enough to snatch one before they’re gone.

Some stick to tents, some bring RVs, and others spend extra dollars for a cabin.

Usually, we pitch a tent, but last year we had a small cabin that was great for the private bathroom. So I didn’t have to wait for a shower after a dirty ride off-road.

You can always get an Airbnb in the area. But we recommend staying at Lago Linda. That way, you don’t have to miss the nice Hangouts or risk riding in the night down the rural roads; it’s free.

You have to pay for your fuel, food, and wherever you choose to sleep, but the rally costs no money to attend.

Similar rallies charge a few hundred dollars for a weekend, but this Grassroots rally is put on for the love of motorcycles and the Red River Gorge, not to make money.

Drew’s enthusiasm and organization Drew loves the area. The first year of the Red River scramble was an Instagram Meetup with Drew showing us the fantastic writing around the Red River Gorge.

The Red River scramble is a massive passion project for Drew. He spends a lot of time every year working on the event. He’s mapped out both on- and off-road routes and provides the GPX files, routes, and River.

He rates all the off-road routes for Adventure bikes and dual Sports and checks out the trail conditions right before the event.

During the event. He gives a Rider’s brief each morning to inform Riders of the conditions.

This year the Red River scramble will be held from September 28th to October 1st.

You can go to Red River to register for the event.

We put a link in the video description below. Chris would love to see some other scramblers there. I wouldn’t mind a few extra Hondas.

But come no matter what you ride. I want to do a mini-movie in the style of On Any Sunday this year.

Take care and scramble on.