Here, it’s no secret that we are big fans of Harvest House. We’ve been using their services for so many years now. But, now they’ve made it even better. They’re offering something new to help you enjoy your camping experience.

Call CampersCard, and we want to thank Harvest House and CampersCard for sponsoring this video so that we can give you a look at what this is all about. It’s being introduced this spring, and we are one of the first campers that are going to be able to try out the program. But it’s like a discount Campus Club. You get substantial discounts at really great campgrounds all around North America. So it gives you even more places to stay, but besides the discounts, there are some cool perks that you can get too, little perks, like perhaps a free bundle of firewood, being able to check in early or check out late, just little things that make your camping experience not so stressful. So we are in eastern Kentucky today and will visit one of the campgrounds that are part of the CampersCard program, and we can’t wait to show you what it’s all about.

Right. We are excited about this CampersCard. It opens up a whole world of new places that we would never have thought of before, and any discount you can get on anything with inflation crazy and everything getting harder to afford.

It’s going to be great having this access to new places and discounts. Finding this place was a breeze. We used the CampersCard app. We found it on the web, looked it all up, and have it on our cell phone, but this is the first time we’ve heard of this campground, but wow, it is. It looks awesome. It’s enormous, Jen. It is Lago Linda Campground, 410 acres. You can hike, rock climb, and white water raft. So lots of things to do and lots of space with 410 acres, and we probably never would have found that spot had we not been able to easily access it through the CampersCard app.

We’re going to try it out. So we’re heading there right now, and Bo is pretty excited.

Well, as much as you can because he doesn’t know where he’s going. He likes to hide his emotions.

They’ll get excited when you get there.

How do you like being a part of this CampersCard? That’s a fantastic program, and it brings many people into seeing this beautiful area that we live in, near Red River Gorge Natural Bridge. So many people don’t realize that this area is out here and it’s such a beautiful country. Lots of things to do hiking, climbing, rap kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, dirt bike riding, mountain bike riding. I can continue.

We will try something different with this stay at a CampersCard Campground. We’re at Lago Linda Hideaway in Appalachia and Eastern Kentucky, a beautiful area with hills, woods, and wildlife, and we decided to stay in one of these cabins they have. This is called The Green Roof Cabin because it’s got a green roof, and it’s right on the lake, and what a great experience, so I’m going to spend the night here.

This is a fun little place to stay. We’ve got the loft. It has a couple of regular-sized beds, a twin bed, and all kinds of little shelves to store things on. Kids would like this place, and there’s a lovely sofa, a loveseat, a little table, a cute little place, and a little porch to set up with a little bench and enjoy the beauty of this area.

The hike to Kentucky’s Natural Bridge is one of the most popular hikes in Appalachia. It’s not a long hike, a little less than a mile up and a mile down, but the sad thing for us is no pets are allowed on the trail. So Jen and Bo had to stay back, but I’m going to take it, and I’m going to roll the camera. So come on with us.

I love to show, not to live. I’ve got a big heart; I can let you in.

People ask me what my secret is. I smile and say living for today.


I am now on top of the Natural Bridge.

I wish I had someone with me who is down below, and they could get a picture of me going, “Hey, from way up here.”

But I’m up here.

And it’s pretty spectacular. There’s the view.

You can see forever.

Without CampersCard, we never would have found this delightful campground, not only the campground but this whole part of eastern Kentucky. It just needed to be added to our radar, and what a fantastic place it is.

Now you can check out more information about CampersCard by looking in the description below. And again, CampersCard is part of Harvest House and Boondockers Welcome. Between those three services, with CampersCard being the newest one, there’s a lot of good camping out there. Hey, we’re Mike and Jennifer, and Bo. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. We’ve got some more exploring to do. Have fun out there!”