Lago Linda Hideaway is just a few miles away from the Sheltowee Trace and offers lodging and shuttle service for hikers.

So, spend the night at one of our cabins or campsites and enjoy that hot shower and a soft bed that you’ve spent the last 40 miles thinking about. 

If you need more time, take that ‘Zero-day” that you’ve been waiting to cash in and enjoy the amenities that Lago Linda Hideaway has to offer.  

A Zero-Day at Lago Linda Hideaway will give you the much-needed rest you’ll need to get back on the trail!

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About The Sheltowee Trace

The Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail is considered the “backbone” of the forest’s trail system. Many other trails link to the Sheltowee forming loops for day hikes or opportunities for long-distance adventure. Visit the day hiking page for a complete list of all trails and additional information about each section of the Sheltowee.

The trail begins in northern Kentucky on KY377 and travels south nearly 290 miles to its terminus at Pickett State Park in Tennessee. Old homesteads, oil and gas wells, and logging tracts, remnants of past land uses, can be seen along the trail. The rugged trail meanders narrow ridges and dips into gorges surrounded by towering cliffs. You may also cross private land or follow road corridors between tracts of national forest land.

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